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Can you stand in front of yourself without excuse?

This video can show regarding PH degree and Doctoral degree , however I think it can apply to our all individual life path not only look for a ph degree. We all can be or should be a doctoral degree or ph. degree what we have been with or without official degree.

I want to share this video clip for the people who are looking for thier own life path which can make their life abundant , but also it can influence to other's live as well.

Regardless official doctor degree or not, all of us has to have this kind of perspectives or mindset toward our given life , and need to have courage to move forward .

life is the quilt of uncertantinies. nobody can give you clear anwers to your current issues,. also nobody can judge your decision. only you . Can you stand your decsion in front of you afterward without excuse?

I believe that our life has been designed for the abundant life with harmony and courage.

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